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Animal Chiropractic is a form of holistic medicine designed to restore normal function of the body through spinal vertebral adjustment. The nervous system is an integral and important part of the body and normal health. In cases of chiropractic, the spinal vertebrae and to some extent, extremities become stuck (subluxation of the joints) and lose their normal range of motion. The result is nerve condition impairment with resultant pain and loss of function. Each vertebra has joints that intra articulate with its counterpart. Different vertebrae have different numbers of joints as well as angles.

The veterinarian or chiropractor trained and certified in Animal Chiropractic (AVCA) is not only educated in anatomy of the animal, but also physiology, neurology and diagnostic medicine as well. By proper application of his/her training, specific vertebrae and areas of dysfunction can be identified and the vertebral joints adjusted. By contrast, a person not properly trained or certified (AVCA) does not have the proper education background to diagnose or perform an accepted method of joint adjustment. Rather a manipulation of the body segments is employed by using long lever leg, neck and tail pulls and the use of ropes, mallets etc. to segmented area such as neck, back and pelvic. Many animals benefit to some extent from this type of procedure but often the results are only partial and in some cases, can cause injuries.

Properly applied, Animal Chiropractic is safe and very beneficial to the patients overall well-being and performance. In certain cases, x-rays may be needed prior to adjustment which can be done by your veterinarian or by us at Twin Oaks Veterinary Hospital. Please feel free to contact us for an appointment.

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